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Texas Tournament Baseball and the TEXAS RANGERS Team Up for the
2013 USSSA World Series!

Texas Tournament Baseball, USSSA and the TEXAS Rangers are proud to announce our 2013 World Series at Grimes Park,  Desoto, TX and Celebration Station, Allen, TX. 

With more extra events being added, this year's "Night with Ranger's" is BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

The 2013 event will be our 8th consecutive year to host the U7, U8, and U9.  In addition to these age division, TTB will also host the U12 Open, U13 Open,  U14AA and U14 AAA 60/90!

We will be posting all detail on our decicated website


2013 USSSA World Series 
U12Open, U13Open Global
U14AA and 14AAA 60/90
July 18 - July 24, 2013

Discounts for early registration! 

2013 Spring Schedule

Texas Tournament Baseball is proud to announce 2 new events to our spring schedule.

THE SPRING GRAND SLAM! - TTB along with Terrell Youth Baseball is bring USSSA to Ben Gill Park, April 27 - 28, 2013

RUN FOR THE ROSES - TTB and USSSA is coming to BURLESON, Texas for Mother's Day weekend.


logoTexas Tournament Baseball

Texas Tournament Baseball has designation several weekends to be GLOBAL NIT weekends!

To see a complete list, see our upcoming events page.

Global Sports will offer World Series Qualifiers and World Series. The Global Sports WS qualifiers will also earn teams USSSA NIT points.

During the 2012 Spring Season, TTB will host a series of USSSA GLOBAL Qualifiers. 

  • Earn USSSA NIT Points in each Global Sports Qualifier
  • Team will automatically qualify for the USSSA Global World Series.
  • GLOBAL World Series mirrors with AAYBA event; however, your USSSA points actually count for something, as pool play is based upon USSSA points.


Accidents will happen. Consequently, so do lawsuits.

Oddly enough, like people who walk around without health insurance, there remains a segment of the coaching fraternity that is not educated to the importance of having sports insurance to protect against general negligence, bodily injury, and property damage.

"What most people don't understand is that they are putting their personal assets at risk," said Caroline Florez, director of marketing for Summit America Insurance's Coaches Choice Program for Sports Camps/Clinics. "Say somebody is injured, your assets are on the line if you don't have liability coverage for those activities. A lot of time coaches know that they have coverage through their university or through their high school or organization, but they don't understand that if they are coaching on the side, that the level of their insurance policy may not extend to those activities. They have to make sure they have the liability coverage and the accident/medical for the kids."

To get team insurance through USSSA (click here)

USSSA New Bat Rules
Effective 01/01/2012

As we leave the 2011 USSSA National Conference, the big topic of the week's baseball meeting was the "2012 New Bat" rules.

There have been many questions nd a lot erroneous assumption surrounding the the new bat rules.  Don't make it any more complicated than it needs to be. 

From all of the previous statements, USSSA has shorted the rule down to about 5 bullet statements.

Effective January 1, 2012 (Big Barrel 2 5/8 and 2 3/4)

  • Have the NEW USSS Mark on its taper OR
  • Be a Qualified BBCOR Bat OR
  • Be a Wood Bat

All of the above must be manufactured by an approved USSSA Bat Licensee 

Upcoming Tournaments

World Series
Night with the

Texas Tournament Baseball started "Ranger Night" and all of the other "World Series" have followed along.....

Go to our DEDICATED Website



USSSA Super National's
October 13-14, 2012

The Super National's is the fall season equivalent of the spring SUPER NIT.

2011 was it's first year and Metroplex wide USSSA scheduled 200+ teams.

Texas Tournament Baseball will host the 14AAA, 13AA, 11AAA, 10AAA, 10AA and U7CP AA/AAA


Where Are My Points?

A question that we (as host) continue to answer is.... "Where are our points"

The answer is simple...it's a process that takes time.  Although results are almost immediate, typically it takes 10-14 days from the end of the tournament before your points will be awarded.

Here is the process.

  1. Tournament Ends
  2. Results are reported
  3. Sanction report and host fees (check) is sent to the USSSA Regional Office in Natchitoches, LA on Wednesday following the event.
  4. Check and reports arrive
  5. Points are awarded

Understanding the
NEW BAT Rules for 2012

There continues to be a lot of confusion regarding the upcoming bat requirements for USSSA. 

Listed below is the latest information from USSSA.

TTB will continue to get clarity and post any necessary information.


USSSA and Texas Tournament Baseball works very hard and spends a great deal of time trying to classify teams correct in an effort to bring parity of tournament baseball.


USSSA Global World Series


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Recent Champions
  • Dallas Texans-Tillett
    Lone Star Classic
    Bracket: Open10
  • Orioles 13U
    Lone Star Classic
    Bracket: AA13
  • Academy Select Sun Devils - Vo
    Lone Star Classic
    Bracket: Open14
  • Dallas Rebels
    12th Annual Labor Classic at the Ranch
    Bracket: AA13
  • NTX Heat - Vetrano
    12th Annual Labor Classic at the Ranch
    Bracket: AA11
  • North Texas Fury Last
    12th Annual Labor Classic at the Ranch
    Bracket: AA8
  • NTX Eagles (Bade)
    12th Annual Labor Classic at the Ranch
    Bracket: AA8
  • North Texas Bulldogs
    World Series Warm-Up
    Bracket: AAA14
    World Series Warm-Up
    Bracket: AA14
    USSSA Texas State Championships
    Bracket: AAA9
  • 11U Lake Cities Bandits
    USSSA Texas State Championships
    Bracket: AAA11
  • NTX Destroyers
    USSSA Texas State Championships
    Bracket: AA9
  • Burleson Bandits
    USSSA Texas State Championships
    Bracket: AA9
  • Dallas Texans 7U - Hoover
    USSSA Texas State Championships
    Bracket: AA7
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